Twelve kilometers far from the city of Odense, where the world-famous tale-teller Hans Christian Andersen was born, there is a picturesque place called Hesbjerg situated. An estate, comprising a castle, a number of house+hold facilities, gardens, ponds, forest block and agricultural land, belonged to Mr. Jorgen Laursen Vig. Being an all-round educated person,linguist, theologist, working a lot for peace-research, once he realized, that prayers are not the least thing in providing peace. So, at the age of 83 he accepted Orthodoxy and decided to organize an Orthodox Church and cloister on the territory of his estate. In this deed he was supported by the head of the Russian Orthodox Parish in Denmark princess Tatijana Sergeevna Ladizenskaja-Meiners, whose parents in 1918 emigrated from Russia within the suite of the last Russian Tzar Nikolas II's mother - Maria Feodorovna, born Danish princess Dagmar) and nuns of Saint Amvrosij Kasan pustin in Shamordino, who arrived here in 2001.

Since that time, by the efforts of the small group of orthodox believers some certain transformations took place in the estate. There was organized home church in honour of saint Tsar Nikolas and his Family - and the complete scope of divine services according to the Skit Charter is provided in the church every day. The dwellers of the castle and the pilgrims are praying to Our Lord for peaceful and pure life for themselves and for all people of the World. The dome with a Cross, erected on the church, lights up and blesses all the space around, attracting searchers for the Lord.

It seems to be rather symbolic, that this very year, when the transfer of the remains of Impress Mariya Feodorovna from Denmark to Russia is scheduled, His Holiness Patriarch o Moscow and All Russia Aleksij officially blessed the foundation of the church and monastic community there. Now the full liturgical life has started here. Once written words come true: give flesh - take spirit. Denmark gives the remains, dearest to every Russian heart, back to Russia - and gets an orthodox church, prayers, Eucharistija.

The number of the parishioners is growing - as they say, a small amount of ferment sours the whole dough. Mr.Vig was deeply convinced, that this Orthodox cloister in Denmark will promote revival of the Christian self-consciousness, which is so important for providing peace on the Earth, and opens the Door,which leads to the Eternal Life, for those, striving for it. He also believed, that the prayers of the Saint Royal Martyrs, in whose honour he built the Church, the nation, to which the Saint Russian Tzar belongs by blood, will arise for the Eternal life. As well as the whole Europe, the majority of Courts of which were closely connected by blood with the Saint Royal Martyrs of Russia. For more information about our Church see Archive.

We ask you to pray for Georgij (Christian name of Mr.Vig) and Tatiana

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